Welcome To Adrian Howland Associates

Pitch and Proposal Consultant

  • Do you win all the proposals you are favourite to win?
  • Do you win many proposals where others are favourite?
  • Do you know why you win and why you lose pitches and proposals?

In this economic environment you should be able to answer “yes” to each of these questions. If you can't, I can help you - and you will win more work.

As a freelance proposal consultant, I advise a variety of professional service organisations on how to win more work. My clients include accountants, lawyers (including magic circle), management consultants, construction and real estate consultants. I have seen many unusual and complex situations and devised innovative and unique solutions necessary to win.

My experience also includes leading the proposal team and advising the senior management of a Big-4 firm of accountants for 13 years on major pitches and proposals. The resulting wins range from a few £1,000s to many millions.

Tip Of The Month

September 2018 Executive summaries in documents

Always include an executive summary at the beginning of your document. A busy client will quickly understand the key aspects of your pitch, even if they read nothing else!

August 2018 Added value

Many invitations to tender include some reference to added value ie How will you add value? What are your added value policies? But what does added value mean?

Very rarely do clients have a clear understanding of added value or how to recognise it and measure it.

So instead of trying to add value to your client as a whole, focus on how you can add value to the individual decision makers. That will have more of an impact.

Telephone Number: 07802 306 457     :     Email Address: adrian.howland@outlook.com
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